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Performance & show

workshops, concerts, audiovisual, music, exhibition etc

Bandadriatica‘s music comes from the sea, conceived during the flat silence of dark nights or in the heat of burning daylight, on the bridge of a boat which...

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ART & CULTURE on Afterhours

workshops, concerts, audiovisual, music, exhibition etc.

Bari University Anna Bruna Menghini - architectural exhibition.

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Mrs. Lucia Cucciarelli

Bologna Center for Community Schools

“Gira e Rigira” / "Tour and Reversal", a unique example in Italy of a culture of prevention for kindergarten. Theatre combined with active collaboration with the school.

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Mrs. Brisida Jahaj

World Vision, Albania

Event video

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Mrs. Edita Fino

Project Manager, IADSA – MoES, Ecosystem of Sustainable Education – Schools as Community Center


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Mr. Rubin Beqo

Tulla Cultural Center, Tirana, Albania

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Mrs. Anna Petrachi

Cantieri Teatrali Koreja, Italy

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Mr. Christian Romano

Project Manager, Proàgo srl &  Ass. Innova.Menti, Italy

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Mrs. Ema Andrea

President of MAM Foundation of Contemporary Art, Albania

Mr. Klod Dedja

Artist & co- founder of MAM Foundation of Contemporary Art, Albania

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Mr. Stefano Romano

Artist & co-founder DyZeroTre / MAPS

MAPS - Museum of Art in Public Space - Project presentation
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Mr. Yannis Fallas

Aristotle University, Greece

Smart Regions – Innovative Clusters Development of common business and R&D - In Bioenergy and Environment
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Mrs. Ivana Zecevic

Head of Department for competitiveness enhancement and export promotion, Directorate for SMEs development Montenegro

Mr. Alexandros T. Tzallas

Lecturer, Department of Computer Engineering, Technological Educational Institute of Epirus, Greece

Mr. Alessandro Delli Noci

Assessor of Technological Innovation, Community and Youth Policies, Municipality of Lecce, Italy

Mr. Evaggelos Karvounis

Department of Computer Engineering, Technological Educational Institute of Epirus, Greece

Annamaria Annicchiarico

Tecnopolis Pst General Director Bari, Italy

Mrs. Ardita Jahja

Agro Environmental Engineering,
University of Savonia, Finland

In many countries and regions the water safety is still shaping up and there is need for development in order to guarantee safe water for all end-users.
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Bashkim ISENI

Director of the Interactive Media Platform

Positive Trends & Opportunities in Switzerland for Albania:
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Mr. Giovani Bragaglia

Director, Agency Corvallis, Italy

Propositions for Smart Government:

1. The solution includes a management information system and...
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Mr. Giovanni Castrovillari

Director, Agency MenoWatt, Italy

Menowatt Ge designs, develops and produces innovative technological solutions ( patented ) for the activities of smart city. Menowatt Ge proposes...
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Mr. Theodore Alexiou

Regional Clusters

Regional Clusters are everywhere around us, it only requires thinking outside the box and an open space for cross-fertilisation in order to find complementarities.
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Mr. Massimo Fadel

Architect Cooprogetti S.R.L

Tools to make smart cities and the territory: Covenant of Mayors and Sustainable Energy Action Plan.
Creation and management of a network - cluster among...
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Mr. Mark A. Small

Clemson University, USA

Key Ideas:
1. Partnerships and Coalitions
2. Bring Community into School
2.1. Provide Integrated Student Supports
2.2. Prevention Services
2.3. Treatment Services
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City Marketing

City Marketing Unit
City Marketing Unit tells the story of a city, mainly through highlighting local places, people, events, matters that mostly characterize a city. It is the unit’s task to grow the appeal, recognition and impact of the city among its inhabitants, visitors, entrepreneurs, investors etc.

The unit promotes a fun and friendly city mainly through marketing, events and communications with the aim of encouraging more and more activities to take place there.

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