About Us

Short Description:

Adriacity is the platform that creates and distributes innovative services and projects to individuals, companies and public agencies for the regional growth and development. The platform integrates the various vertical levels of government and bodies involved in the regional development (international, national, regional, local, etc.) and the horizontal level of local actors and factors of a city life and activities (private operators, civil society, universities, research centers and the community). Adriacity brings knowledge, innovation and top level know-how into the local public administration for handling city challenges and better responding to the needs of citizens, professionals and companies. Adriacity platform offer tools and services that can set up direct and simple relations with private and public users and rationalise resources and expenditure, thus facilitating daily work and achieving efficiency, inexpensiveness and effectiveness.


Our Vision is to create a solid “city partners” platforms that guide, support and help the Albanian cities and provinces to grow in a smart and creative way. Adriacity platform’s philosophy is to build a local Co-Active and Pro-Active approach, focused on the efficient delivery of high standard services inside the city


Our mission is to work on planning, designing, building and managing the ecosystem of the cities’ economy, place and people, creating a platform which can aim to increase: efficiency in the services delivered; equity with the creation of services for all social groups; sustainability with the creation a long term partnerships with all the stakeholders, transparency and accountability of the government bodies involved.


Adriacity Platform is a local open spaces for interaction and partnership, providing the basis for community-based and community-participation initiatives and the support for private-public networks. The multi-purpose Adriacity Platform creates a voice, an agency and co-workplace for the various groups of city stakeholders and sectors. The activities and services provided are determine by the strategic objectives and needs of the local community in which the Platform is based and they serve to strengthen community collective actions and pro-active measures. At Managerial Level: the Adriacity Platform is a hub linking local offices with research projects, external business enterprises and support agencies. The Adriacity Platform will provide:

  • On-line services to citizens, companies and even local and central government offices.
  • Introductory workshop and case studies for Institutional capacity building and entrepreneurial development programmes and trainings.
  • Consultancy and make available expertise with broad track record in local economic development, industrial restructuring and SME development, community development, skills’ promotion and social inclusion, and other facilities and resources to businesses, civil society for the wider beneficiaries of the regional economy.
  • Public Awareness and communication campaign, marketing and promotion, information point for services, commercialization, private investment, business development and tourism.
  • Networking and partnership among public sector, businesses, academia and civil society and other agencies and organisations at national and international level.

At Operational Level: the Adriacity Platform will programme, coordinate, and manage the various operational programs, including priority axes, measures and operations on regional development. The Adriacity Platform will undertake

  • Multi-task Studies and Surveys offering in-depth bench-marking data on specific topics/sectors of interest to the region development.
  • Comprehensive Project Planning determine regional goals and aspirations in terms of sustainable development and growth. The outcome of the comprehensive planning will consider local public policies, needs and resources in terms of regional development.
  • Effective Implementation Actions on a number of initiatives for which there is a need for synergy actions and complementary with innovative and creative actors.
  • Joint Project Management at the regional level, having the capacity to provide itself or in collaboration with other stakeholders management support services that facilitate a successful project management.
  • Flagship initiatives that concentrate on a small number of priorities, concentrated resources and expertise based on the needs and available resources of each region, and are linked with the objectives of smart, sustainable, and inclusive growth.
  • Organizing business events, conferences, etc.
  • Feasibility studies, product development and services or legal and economic consulting for third parties.


Experience from EU Member States and other Eastern European countries demonstrate that local solutions to economic growth and development can be very effective in addressing local problems by way of partnership building and pro-active measures. European experience shows that where there is a suitable forum for local / regional authorities and higher education and industry in which we can cooperate closely on common objectives then, the results are better. Cities around the globe face unprecedented population growth, which creates significant strains and challenges as well as opportunities to solve problems and make cities more livable. Through this platform, the partnership between governments, businesses, and citizens identify and implement innovative solutions that drive efficiencies, enhance quality of life, and ultimately support the growth of cities.


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Adriacity platform is centred on a set of interlinked pillars of sustainable, integrated and inclusive development, specifically - economic, people, governance, urbanism, environment, living, education and industry.

  • Economic development: fostering the sectors that may be of specific target for the development strategies in the local context.
  • People and Social Affairs: dealing with poverty alleviation, social tensions among minorities, youth and gender issues.
  • Governance for Growth: increasing transparency and the capacity of local public administrations to strengthen the rule of law and reduce corruption in order to give space to the creation of new businesses.
  • Urbanism, Public Works and Territory: characterized by the revival of traditionalist architecture and design principles to promote compact, mixed-use and reasonably self-contained communities.
  • Environment and Agro-tourism: greener and more energy-efficient growth.
  • Smart Living and Communities: placing greater emphasis on skills development, employment creation and inclusive labour market participation, health and well-being.
  • Education and Vocational Training: increasing interest in the specialized training, as the industries expand and evolve.
  • Creative Industry and Culture: raising the level of private sector competitiveness and infrastructure development.


The services offered by this platform, will be focused primarily on the services under the responsibility of the local government, but without leaving apart the services related to the central government and other institution, trying to deliver every king of service, with a objective to provide services for every moment of citizen’s and companies life.

This services, based on the model that we propose, won’t be unchangeable but will be adopted step by step to the needs of citizens, companies and also government bodies expectations, taking into consideration the age groups, the different levels of education, and the specific needs in urban areas and agricultural ones, in areas rich in minerals, in areas where tourism plays a primary role, etc.

This ongoing adoption on government standards and the citizens or companies needs, based on the technical possibilities in continuous development, through the digitalization process of many systems and services of central and local government, will be achieved through a continuous improving policy which can be summarized in 4 steps of a continuous cycle, starting from: (1) internal analysis and improvement (2) responsibility of technical management bodies in local level (3) the management of resources (human resources and also technical ones through daily updating in hardware and software level of technical development), to follow with (4) providing services for the citizens. The last one will be monitored and evaluated based on performance indicators (which will be built in a second moment), then turning back to the first step of internal analysis and improvement, realizing in this way services that better fits the citizens needs and expectations, not only in the first moment of start of operation of the platform but also in continuation.


The main product of Adria-City platform will be the creation of a one stop shop service inside the city, with the general objective to bring together in one platform all the services offered to citizen’s, companies and even to government bodies. The services are organized in accordance with the European Charter of Local Self-Government, the Constitution of the Republic of Albania, the national strategy for the digital agenda 2015-2020, the national strategy for decentralization and local government 2015-2020, the legislation in force for the organization of local government and other related legislation.

Some of the functions of the local government should be put into practice through the provision of new services, focused on every kind of need inside an urban area, increasing so, the awareness for the functions that the local government should implement and also creating a different perception of the local administration operation.

An important and useful element of the system will be the interconnection of different systems in order to provide fast, complete and transparent services; interconnecting in a simple way all services which should be provided to a specific social group.

Best Practice National Level:

In the local level in Albania, were implemented different initiatives regarding the services offered inside the city through the web-pages of different municipalities, based especially on sporadic initiatives of the Mayors supported by international grants, without an integration of all the stakeholders and without a general vision of services offered in every moment of citizen’s life. Anyway this “elementary” initiatives of this municipalities had an important impact into the satisfaction levels of the citizens and companies about the services offered by this platforms.

This practices related to other services successfully offered at the national level by different digital platform and the regulation an policies at the European level, pushed the government into general and compressive strategies about the decentralization at the local level and the e-government. The Adria-City platform is organized with the objective to became one of the best and complete initiatives for the delivery of services inside the city.

Best Practice International Level:

At the international level, the AdriaCity platform will take in consideration different best practices, adapting them to the Albanian institutional and social framework and creating so its own model.

Some of the best international practices:

  • Local Development Coalition: LEP Network is a gateway to news and information that enables Local Enterprise Partnersships (LEPs) to come together on areas of shared importance, engage with Government, and share knowledge and good practice. See http://www.lepnetwork.net/
  • Maggioli SPA: The corporate mission is to stimulate and accompany innovation in public and private entities with products and services favouring technological and process evolution, thus simplifying things for citizens, professionals and companies. See: http://www.maggioli.it
  • The Institute for Local Governance: ILG is a pioneering research and knowledge exchange venture designed to maximise the benefits of collaboration between universities in North East England and the wider public realm. The ILG is hosted by Durham University in its Business School. It is an innovative and unique partnership between the North East's local authorities, universities, police forces and fire and rescue services whose purpose is to source university research and expertise for its public sector partners. See: https://www.ilg.org.uk
  • The portal of the Emilia-Romagna.The institutional portal of the Region of Emilia-Romagna is a communication project of the Regional Council, created in 2011 as part of a plan to reorganize the regional web of communication initiated by the Council Resolution n.1394 / 2010. See http://www.regione.emilia-romagna.it