Mr. Stefano Romano

Artist & co-founder DyZeroTre / MAPS

MAPS - Museum of Art in Public Space - Project presentation.
MAPS - Museum of Art in Public Space is a artist’s run platform founded in 2014 with the aim of promoting contemporary art research that has as its theater, public space in all its forms and derivations. A museum exploded in the city of Tirana, which allows invited artists to compete each time with different zones, each representing historical and contemporary connotations of city’s iconography. MAPS is a museum that overwhelms / engages / transforms through the production of exhibitions / video screenings / conferences whose focus is always the discussion and dialogue with an area of the city and its social or territorial issues.
Because the encounter with art can have the thrill of an uprising, or vice versa art is an uprising because it contains the emotion of people and places met.
The project follow a first project named 1.60insurgent space developed in Albania between 2004 and 2006, a pioneristic project on how to use non-institutional spaces to show art project.
Cities have always been a crucial moment in civilization and creative development. Contemporary cities are facing enormous changes and challenges.
Over half the world’s population already lives in cities whose now becoming megalopolis, with districts as large as entire cities.
There are new movements of people from “centers” to the immediate suburbs of the cities to seek new standards of living in a “human dimension”.
This human dimension seems to be precisely one of the points on which contemporary cities are questioning themselves. The way to build the city of today follows a vertical and hierarchical logic, involving different urban development actors in given times and fields which are not communicating. We interfere in this vertical structure through the implementation of a flexible network of artistic and social interactions, meetings and debates, in Tirana. In this historical moment people see what is “public” from different point of views: public property, public use or public space. It is necessary to redefine what should consider “public”, what the public space offers the community and the way community access it. We strongly believe that the different actors (residents and professionals) who live and work in the city can all be involved in its development at different levels of intervention.