Mr. Alexandros T. Tzallas

Lecturer, Department of Computer Engineering, Technological Educational Institute of Epirus, Greece

TEIEP (1994-today) is a Public Higher Educational Institution contributes to the country's development & to the progress in the fields of science & applied research
The focus is on the absorption & transfer of scientific data into the production process.
Growing rapidly & flexible, TEIEP hosts today more than 9000 students in 5 Faculties and 8 Departments allocated in the 4 capital cities of the region of Epirus (Arta, Ioannina, Igoumenitsa, Preveza) central Administration in Arta agriculture, animalscience, cropscience, culture, floriculture–landscapearchitecture, nursing, tourism, applied foreign languages, traditional music, speech and language therapy, ICT, informatics, GIS, DSS, soft computing, Biomedical Engineering

In a global & changing environment strategic policies & actions are required for sustainable economic growth & creativity

  • Support of innovation & research in strategic sectors of the national & local economy through technological institutes and universities
  • Creation of business clusters (e.g. Science and Technology Park of Epirus) providing multiple synergies
  • Support of SMEs & start-ups (the driving force of innovation), & their cooperation with educational/technical/research institutes
  • Stable tax & insurance legislation. Promotion of intelligent products &innovation (e.g. very low tax for royalty income generated from new patents)
  • Embracement of new ICT technologies that require minimum capex & provide global exposure (e.g. cloud-based web applications)
  • Development of products with added value not only in national, but also global scale

GAIA platform is an intelligent platform that addresses different aspects of monitoring, using autonomous sensor nodes.
It integrates more than 50 sensors, adapting to any scenario such as air and water pollution, smart cities, security and industrial control, agriculture monitoring, etc
Each sensor node can transmit sensor readings directly to the Cloud via GPRS/3G or WiFiconnections NestEye platform is an intelligent management platform that enables consumers to understand and take control of their home energy profile

  • By making energy load / production visible, consumers can now manage, control and reduce energy costs, and improve their carbon footprint like never before.
  • Include additional consumptions through water &gas meters
  • Integrate an IP camera and see your home -away from home
  • The NestEye vision of monitoring multiple interfaces &sources (energy, gas, water, security etc)


  • It is an intelligent cloud-based system that proactively monitors & automatically detects potential faults in PV plants with high accuracy
  • Based on Artificial Neural Network and the Internet, it supports PV installations of any size, anywhere in the world
  • It acts as a “virtual energy assistant”, that automatically provides intelligent energy analytics, multiple metrics and ensures yield maximization