The Apulian District on Creative and Cultural Industries: WHY?


Tecnopolis Pst General Director Bari, Italy

The choice of the pilot project bases on the following considerations:
Creative and cultural industries employ in Europe more than 7 million persons in 30 European countries and the regions who have the higher concentration of CCI have also the highest prosperity levels.
Most of the regions in the top 25 highest cultural and creative growth regions and small or medium sized regions, so a model of development based on CCI seems to be more suitable indipendently from the dimension of the area.
CCI manufacturing and production activities are the most regionally concentrated.
The Apulian District is a cluster of more than 140 companies
«CreAct»: Lab on management and marketing of creative and cultural industries in numbers Lab aims
A reflection about the general environment for cultural enterprises , with particular reference to the local level to be competitive on the market.
An analysis of the cultural marketing strategies , useful in determining appreciation in the market for goods and services marketed , the market conditions and the possibilities for market penetration of products and cultural services
Fostering of the awareness and participation in regional tenders and loan funds made ​​available to cultural and creative industries.
Lab articulation
Lectures: lessons in the classroom by using all the tools and resources needed to each of the mentor who will work
Remote lessons: activities that respect the training needs and modeled on the temporal and spatial requirements of each of the participants. They are not pursued under the continuous and immediate supervision, in the presence of trainers and / or tutors, but they encourage independent learning.
Individual Work: each of the workshop participants, during these times will reflect on your business location , strengthening the knowledge and skills of integrated management and develop more entrepreneurial character.
Project Work: practical activities to develop the business and building strategies and appropriate to its development tools.

Session: Creative Places and Hubs
Speakers: Mr. Giovanni Schiuma, Vice Mayor of Matera Municipality, Italy
Mr. Frank Hantke, Resident Director of FES in Albania.
Mrs. Anna Bruna Menghini, Polytechnic University of Bari, Dep. Of Architecture and Civil Engineering Sciences.
Mr. Christian Romano, Project Manager, Proàgo srl &  Ass. Innova.Menti, Italy.
Mr. Thurman Green III, MPS Candidate, Clintonschool, USA.